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SKY TRACK (PRIVATE) LIMITED has acquired license of Vehicle Tracking from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA)



SKY TRACK (PRIVATE) LIMITED has acquired license of Vehicle Tracking from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and introduced Vehicle Tracking System under the brand name Sky Track that covers entire Pakistan . Facilitating law enforcing agencies while ensuring fastest recovery of victimized vehicles / persons accompanying the vehicles as its one of the key objectives.

Sky Track is a competitively priced, high performance, modular, flexible, GSM & GPS system, which uses the latest technology to manage mobile assets. The system can manage multiple fleets with multiple vehicle categories on multiple communication networks simultaneously. Having strong research and development at the back end it has an edge to tailor that according to the customer needs.

Sky Track uses the global positioning system (GPS) to provide positional data and transfer this information via GSM / Thuraya network to base station, where our GIS software pin points the location on digital and satellite maps.

SKY TRACK (PRIVATE) LIMITED is a rapidly growing private limited concern with offices across Pakistan , having honor of presence in all provinces and the Federal Capital of Pakistan. This number is increasing as new areas are developed for customized services.

SKY TRACK (PRIVATE) LIMITED is run by a board of directors headed by the Chief executive of the company. The persons involved have honor of being highly professional in their respective fields. They have experience of working at national and international level and now joined hands to create an ideal service unit to facilitate its customer’s in Pakistan.

SKY TRACK (PRIVATE) LIMITED having the aim to eliminate the crime of car snatching and lifting from Pakistan has introduced a multiple variety of packages for its customers according to the plans hereunder.


Selection of high quality technical products with a team of professionals to provide un-matching services is key to our success. Our primary objective has always been to let our clients take back more value than what they have paid for. Our relationship with client does not end rather begin when the project has been completed. A rapidly increasing customer base is evident of our claims.

To maximize the competencies, effectiveness and efficiencies of our employees and in turn organization, special emphasis is given to selection of employees and personal growth through training, , participation in decision making, provision of opportunities, encouraging initiatives taken in right direction and ensuring a friendly working environments.

We hope to strive hard and deliver to come up to the expectations of our upcoming clients.


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